Mad Dog Video

Mad Dog Video was established in 1990 as a premier field production company. For the past 33 years, we have played an integral role in television and cinema production in and around Southern California, across the country, and around the globe. Marketing, BTS specials, reality shows, strip shows; any time professionals need an eye and ear to be a part of their production, or experts to help promote upcoming projects, they call Mad Dog Video. If it is technical and creative and involves a camera and sound, we have done it.

Mad Dog works with a diverse and talented group of people. Directors of Photography, Audio Supervisors, Directors, Producers, Electricians, Art Directors, Wardrobe, HMU, and Editors. We have a roster of professionals that can fit every need.

We have made a point of keeping up with all the latest technology; and in some cases creating new technology out of existing tools to meet a current need. Our years of experience inform what will work best for each situation. We will crew up your production, and provide the right equipment that fits the budget, making suggestions and providing alternatives that also serve the creative needs.

We have a 3000 square foot soundproof stage that is a favorite spot for our clients. We were the first (and only, to our knowledge) medium space in Southern California that incorporated TroyAcoustics soundproofing. This is the same soundproofing used in private gun ranges for the FBI. Our studio has a 2-wall cyc with half as a white cyc, and the other half as a pre-lit green screen. The facilities are clean and quiet with an abundance of parking. The studio is very reasonably priced for what you get. Equivalent spaces are two to three times more expensive.

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