Package Price List

  • 2,650/per dayFULL DAY: Two-person crew

    2,250/per dayHALF DAY: Two-person crew

  • 2,450/per dayFULL DAY: Two-person crew

    1,950/per dayHALF DAY: Two-person crew

  • 1,850/per dayFULL DAY: Two-person crew

    1,450/per dayHALF DAY: Two-person crew

  • 1,850/per dayFULL DAY: Two-person crew

    1,450/per dayHALF DAY: Two-person crew

  • 120/per hour [After 10 hours]Two-person crew

    150/per hour [After 12 hours]Two-person crew

      Days that are booked as a Half day that go over 5 hours will automatically be charged as a Full day. Time-and-a-half will be charged for every hour worked beyond the normal 10-hour day. Double time rates will be charged after the 12th hour. Time includes same day travel.

  • 45' White Cyc, 45' prelit Green cyc, 14' to the grid, 600amps, 10tons AC, 40+ parking spaces, DSL, Live Ustream, makeup/wardrobe/greenrooms

  • A cancelation fee will be charged for job cancelations within 24 hrs. prior to start of shoot.

  • Available upon request.

  • Outside L.A. County: 0.55/per mile.

Standard Equipment

    • Sony CCD Broadcast Camera (specify format)
    • Lowell-solo light kit w/100 watt pepper and assorted gels
    • Sungun light kit
    • Flex fill reflector
    • Sachtler tripod and head
    • Sony hi resolution color field monitor (specify format)
    • Shure FP33 stereo mixer
    • Microphones by Sennheiser,Sony, and Tram.
    • Wireless microphone
    • TK-400 video cart
    • Assorted cables
  • Please notify the Mad Dog office if the crew must be affiliated with a specific union.

    • Assorted backdrops
    • Complete lighting packages
    • Playback and recorders
    • Walkie talkies, cell phones
    • Dollies, cranes, jibs
    • Fujinon 5.5 wide angle lens
    • Multiple camera set-ups
    • Teleprompters
    • Film stock/Tapestock/Hard Drives
    • Film crews and packages
    • 3-Ton Grip Truck
    • Video walls
    • Shipping cases
    • DV-cam and lipstick cameras
    • Stylists, makeup, hair artists
    • Gaffers, grips and engineers
    • Set construction
    • Condors
    • Processing and Telecine
    • Payroll Services
    • Domestic and international crews
    • Underwater and Aerial Configurations (Film or Tape)
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